Perceive the world in the optimum way!

We all know that blindness has a cost – it dramatically impacts the lives of those with vision challenges, limiting what many consider to be their window into the world.

Why oPerception?

Searching for Objects

Processing frames in real-time to find the user's added objects

Currency Recognition

Recognizing different currencies even in bad illumination

Live Text Reader

Local OCR processing without internet connection

Colours Recognition

Recognizing wide-range of colours at any location of the screen

General Objects Classification

Recognizing common use-case objects

Identifying People

Processing frames in real-time to find the user's added objects

Smart Magnifier

With cutting-edge technology for image cleaning

Finding the phone itself

Using smart listener

Runs locally

Doesn't need internet connection

Real-time processing

Working in the dark

Completely flexible

Customizable according to the user's environment

Efficient Energy Consumption

Intuitive User Interface

"Operception is a brilliant example how tech innovation can solve social challenges… I like their spirit - it’s perfectly in line with the Bayer Foundation mission: Innovations For Purpose!"
Thimo V. Schmitt-Lord
Head of Bayer Foundations
“Our vision is to break the wall of Visual Disability through Mobile Technology. Resulting in enhanced wellbeing and quality of life.”
Mohmoud Elbadwi
Founder of oPerception

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