Perceive the world in the optimum way!

We all know that blindness has a cost – it dramatically impacts the lives of those with vision challenges, limiting what many consider to be their window into the world.

Why oPerception?

Searching for Objects

Processing frames in real-time to find the user's added objects

Currency Recognition

Recognizing different currencies even in bad illumination

Live Text Reader

Local OCR processing without internet connection

Colours Recognition

Recognizing wide-range of colours at any location of the screen

General Objects Classification

Recognizing common use-case objects

Identifying People

Processing frames in real-time to find the user's added objects

Smart Magnifier

With cutting-edge technology for image cleaning

Finding the phone itself

Using smart listener

Runs locally

Doesn't need internet connection

Real-time processing

Working in the dark

Completely flexible

Customizable according to the user's environment

Efficient Energy Consumption

Intuitive User Interface

"Operception is a brilliant example how tech innovation can solve social challenges… I like their spirit - it’s perfectly in line with the Bayer Foundation mission: Innovations For Purpose!"
Thimo V. Schmitt-Lord
Head of Bayer Foundations
“Our vision is to break the wall of Visual Disability through Mobile Technology. Resulting in enhanced wellbeing and quality of life.”
Mohmoud Elbadwi
Founder & CEO at oPerception

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